Sunday, May 15, 2011

10 Days and Counting

We actually leave in 10 days. Between then and now we have our son's wedding. No one ever said we do things by half measure.

The tent-trailer is in the driveway awaiting its inaugural trip, which will have to wait till May 25 now because the weather has been fairly wretched - rainy and cool. We don't want to take a chance that bedding could get wet before we even leave!

The first few days will find us in four states - Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and South Dakota. Hopefully it will warm up. Currently West Yellowstone, which we arrive at on June 1, is in the minus column with snow showers - yuck. We are somewhat glued to the the weather underground site which lets us plan out travel according to the sun, and are quite prepared to abandon the northern route for warmer climes.


  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! Old people driving big vehicles. I'm jealous.

    Let me know your route (when you finally decide) and I'll see if I can get some eating recommendations for you, preferably of the "cheap and plenty of good stuff" variety.

    See you Friday.

  2. Really? You've been glued to the Weather Channel? I frankly find that hard to believe...

  3. We need pics, please! And Pat, the Weather Network has an amazing app for BlackBerry and iPhone...

  4. Nadine, you are assuming my parents have a smartphone. You know my father won't even get his OWN cell phone, never mind a smartphone...

  5. ignore them Pat! the only app you'll need is the Bushmills - has a tremendous padding effect in trailer tents, makes your pillow nice and woozey...