Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 3 - Frost and Birds at 4am

Why the birds were singing we don't know, maybe just calling - help - get blankets. It was cooold but the electric blankets did the trick along with the heater - the best $40 we ever spent!

Left DeForest around 9 and made La Crosse, Wisconsin by noon.

4 dead deer along the way! What kept appearing (along with the dead deer) were roads to Wisconsin Dells which seems to be Wisconsin's playground but which also features some amazing rock formations which look a lot like Bruce county.

La Crosse is on the border with Minnesota and the Mississippi river divides the states.

Beautiful views on the Minnesota side and we climbed and climbed - maybe 1000 feet to the flat lands where the prairies begin, we guess.

Drove in a straight line for 280 miles - finally turned off the GPS because Hortense was bugging us by saying the same thing ("Keep driving straight for 280...260...240 miles").

The weather had been beautiful until Minnesota then the rain returned and we kept the radio tuned to NPRs across the state to check out the next destination - Sioux Falls, South Dakota - the first state we have never been in before.

So it cool but not raining and we have a warm and fuzzy camp site about 100 meters from the I90 - but the scotch helps!

It's amazing what you find to be grateful for - oh it's cool but it's sunny.. oh it's cool and rainy but we're near a laundromat..oh it's cold(freezing actually) but it's not raining...oh it's cold and rainy and freezing, but the bathrooms are warm and the electric blanket is turned on and there's scotch in the thermos.

More from us tomorrow.


  1. Hey!

    We stayed in Sioux Falls back when we did our road trip...pretty. Sounds like you guys are having fun, if not a cold time. :)


  2. I love reading your blog! What a great way to stay in touch. Sounds like quite an adventure already. An audio of your singing would be fun :)
    I lived in Brookings, South Dakota for 3 years when I was young but I've never been back.
    I'll stay tuned...