Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 4 How bad is bad? BAD....and that means good!

Today we found ourselves in true cowboy country - the badlands of the prairies. One could almost see Butch Cassidy et al streaking across the grasslands  (though I think I am one state too early for the Hole in the Wall gang!)

But the drive across S. Dakota was remarkable.

We began our day at the Sioux Falls Farmer's market,

and got stocked up with fresh veggies, natural beef and local wine.
We drove across the Missouri river, stopping at the Lewis and Clark site where they stayed on their trek up and down the river as part of their search for a passage to the Pacific ocean. Huge river, beautiful pavilion, although there was a reminder that snakes abound in this part of the world - aaagh!

We've been travelling the I 90 highway for most of the trip so far and have been finding some interesting tidbits - like the fact that as we go west, the gas prices go down ( today filled up for $63 US) and the highway speeds go up. Here in S Dakota the speed limit is 75 mph. which seems to be about 130 kmh - We puddle along at about 100 with cars , trucks, vans and the occasional horse and cart passing us.

Paul has also been interested to see the older outlying buildings (sheds, barns etc.) which have been abandoned and left to fall in on themselves. No one even attempts to remove them. We counted about 15 today - often they are behind modern homes or farms - seems odd somehow to see these buildings left to crumble.

As we got closer to Badlands the terrain changed somewhat but nothing to give us a hint as to what to expect when we turned down into the park.

The KOA is the best so far with beautiful campsites and so quiet! We have eaten our wonderful meal from the farmer's market, drunk our wine, checked out the sunset on the White River.

We had hoped to see the stars tonight but I hear the rain starting up again (.."but at least it's at night" ;-) so will hopefully see the night sky program at the park tomorrow.

But that will be another story....


  1. Somehow my last post did not upload.

    Great photos here, guys. Love the Badlands shot--is this in the park? Amazing.

    keep warm,
    Jan and Fran

  2. Thx - we are warm and dry so far!

    We're in Yellowstone tonight and here till Tuesday unless the weather changes - right now it's high 60's.

    We see Maddie is Facebook friends with Carlo - cutie!

    Keep in touch, we miss you,