Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DAY 7 - Big Sky - both night and day

Last night we attended the Night Sky Program at Badlands with Ranger Larry from Texas and his volunteers. 

It was truly worth so much more than the price of admission - free  - and I was cold but entranced for the whole thing. There were actually a ton more folks than this indicates!

Today we headed further along I90 to Wyoming - to Sheridan, cowboy central they tell us. Along the way we had hoped to check out the Devil's Tower but were turned back - see link.

Now children, yesterday's lesson was on the social-political forces affecting the 1970's American Indian Movement. Today's lesson is slightly less serious. What is the pop culture reference for the Devil's Tower? - think mashed potatoes and can you sing the 5 notes?

The drive into Wyoming brought home the "big sky" country slogan. Amazing vistas - particularly when the BigHorn Mountain range appeared - capped with a whole lot of snow. More snow and rain here this spring than has been seen in a long time and flood warnings abound - but they(weather network) say things are getting better and in Yellowstone , it will hardly snow at all ;-)

Spring is the true season here - more like mid-April than early June. Buds only on trees, lilacs just coming out. It's was an amazing change from South Dakota - which while cool, was much further along and as noted earlier, actually had local asparagus. Wyoming won't see local produce till late June.

We managed to find a local supplier of beef/pork and lamb here in Sheridan but it was not easy. Big box stores abound and the little guys gets shoved out. Liquor is not sold in convenience or grocery stores in this state and you have to find the liquor purveyors, which while privately owned, had warnings all over the place about selling to minors, and which played a Christian radio talk show over the PA - an interesting juxtaposition I thought.

So we are enjoying a lovely night in Sheridan before we head to Yellowstone - NO SNOW OK?

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