Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Snow on June 1st? No.....

We travelled today from Sheridan Wyoming up to Billings Montana and then down again to West Yellowstone, about 10 miles outside Yellowstone Park.

The views on the drive were jaw-dropping and these pics don't even come close to seeing the rocky mountains rise up before you like a movie. It hardly looks real.

Along the way, we took in the Battle of the Little Bighorn national monument which is smack dab in the heart of the Crow reservation and is staffed by Native Americans. The site itself does a great job of presenting the battle from both sides and the interpretive program runs all day every day. One particularly interesting thing they do is bring in the descendants of the warriors who fought at the battle. These folks have been the recipients of the oral history of the battle and have been instrumental in helping forensic archeologists reconstruct what actually happened hour by hour.

Stopping for lunch at a beautiful lookout spot near Billings Montana,

we found that we were again following the Lewis and Clark trail, this one being part of their trek home after mapping a trail to the Pacific. One of their guides Sacajawea has always fascinated me - so looked her up tonight for your history lesson of the day ;-) and had to add this playbill from the 1955 movie -The Far Horizons because I didn't believe Paul when he said Donna Reed played Sacajawea in the movie! Not quite as politically correct as the National Park Service!

Arriving in Yellowstone we see - yes - oh my GOD - snow. Lots of it in the higher elevations.

But only a bit in the campsite and it is much milder - so hopefully we stay in late spring rather than late winter while here.

More from Yellowstone itself over the next few days.

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