Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 11 - Happy Birthday to you..

Today's Paul's turned another year older and he received a very special present - the sun was out for the whole day and the temperature went up to 68 degrees - hurray (although last night it went down to 25 degrees - the coldest night yet! can you see the frost on the van?)

The day in Yellowstone was again wonderful with the morning spent at the Grand  Canyon of Yellowstone  and Canyon Falls. This view has been painted innumerable times and it warrants all the attention.

Another terrific ranger-led hike and presentation - with some new information for identifying trees.

·      pines have needles in packages or clusters from 2-5 needles in a package
·      spruce have single needles and are spiky when clutched as a bunch
·      firs also have single needles but are friendly (soft) when clutched

So you cannot say this blog does not add to your general knowledge.

We also drove to the Grand Tetons but unfortunately their services have yet to kick in for the summer. Great vistas though.

So all in all a great birthday for Grandpa, 
But the icing on the cake was to drive into Yellowstone through a herd of bison and their babies. They literally streamed around us, huge males, shaggy females, yearlings and babies. 

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  1. Great photos & narrative - I love following your journey as I've never traveled that part of the country. Belated birthday greetings to Paul - I didn't have internet access over the weekend - major storm damage knocked hydro out!
    Keep on trekking :)