Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 17 - Driving the 101

In Oregon, there is a state highway which hugs the seaside called the 101. Amazing vistas plus a ton of fun to drive if you like hills, switchbacks and speeds that go from 20-50 mph constantly.

But when the driver is not in a hurry, the road is a fascinating glimpse into small town America - or at least small town Oregon - which I think might be different from other places. Are there other states where you can buy your guns at the same place as you buy your guitars?

We drove to Newport to check out the aquarium  - a mid-sized facility with one of those "deep passages" tunnels where the fish swim over and under you. This would have been more amazing if not every child in Lincoln County wasn't visiting the aquarium that day.

Back to the State Park, we found that we had numerous neighbours for the weekend mostly human. The wildlife neighbour from the night before - the raccoon who nearly climbed into the van - had vanished with the crowds.

But the noisiest were the owls - screech? barn? great horned? who knows  - just REALLY LOUD! Will ask a ranger tonight.

So I guess Paul was right. Owls, not dinosaurs!

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