Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 20 -- Portland Oregon - we followed the sun

Actually we couldn’t stand the rain one second longer and thought MAYBE there’s sun over those mountains - and so it was.

Portland is a great city and we only saw snippets of it.  Powell's Book Store ( the largest independent book store in the world - 4 floors and acres of books - you need a map - which they provide .

Then lunch at Fuller's diner- all-day breakfast to die for (again , this needs to be featured on the Food Network!) . Lovely wait person whose real life is as a writer (graduate of creative writing from UBC) and who has started an online magazine called Fthe - and which she describes as an alternate Cosmo. It will go live after the  16th

The Chinese Cultural Garden was next and a lovely docent provided the commentary

 that linked the Chines garden to social history - very interesting but we had to leave after an hour - she had a LOT to say.

Drove to Washington Park to the rose garden - beautiful. Portland has just completed its rose festival anc unfortunately the roses have not been in bloom to the extent that is usual but still lovely.

Back to Fort Stevens (about 2 hours away) and back to the gloomy weather - I guess this is par for the course for the west coast. We hope to head back into Astoria tomorrow.

We’re still having a good time!

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  1. I love Powell's online store. Wish I could have seen it in person!