Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 28 & 29 - Family memories in Vancouver

It's been a great family time re-connecting with aunts and cousins, and seeing photos from the 30's, 40's and 50's.

We have a much better handle now on my Kelly roots but there is a lot more to do - back in Ontario funnily enough.

Saw the house I moved to in 1956 - and the new family there let us walk through - it is the same! believe it or not, whoever has owned it over the years has left the wood inlay in the floors, the tiny cupboards in the kitchen and the cement retaining wall in the back yard. So not so nice for them, but great for me!

We've been moving around Vancouver looking for older homes that are at addresses remembered by various family members - and think we have a handle on the neighbourhood my mom grew up in - which is quite near to St. Pat's High School where she was one of the 1st graduates.

Had a great lunch with friend of Kate's who lives in the same neighbourhood  - crazy.

Now we're chceking in with more family over the next couple of days, there's a Kelly party on Friday night which should be a blast - and then on to Victoria.

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