Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 23 - Oh Canada

Thank God for gun control or at least what we have here. The border guard told us that the local Idaho car dealer will throw in a free AK47 with every 2011 pickup purchase. As he says, This wasn't even considered odd!"

Back home or at least the western part and driving to Creston, BC where my Dad was born. The family story says that my Grandfather started the local Creston paper and lost it in a poker game - at which point he moved the family's house off the lot where the newspaper building stood.

We tracked down the local museum

and their wonderful archivist who introduced us to several years of back issues of the Creston Review, the first iteration of the newspaper where we learned what seems to be the true story  - that is that while the transfer of the newly formed paper to new owners was quite straightforward, my grandfather did have a somewhat checkered past with bills unpaid and suspect entrepreneurial attempts (he tried to sell 'public' water to thirsty women and children at a country fair).

It was a great time. Creston is an amazing fruit and vegetable growing centre and has been so since the earliest days. Grampa was also involved in trying to sell this land to immigrant farmers. It is also a haven for artists and again he was involved in the early days as part of the Creston Players.(you'll have to turn your computers!)

Thanks Creston - and tomorrow it's off to Winfield in the Okanagan.

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