Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 21 - Back to Astoria - a bit of a throwback

Astoria has a special vibe - with references to so many disparate cultures including
·     * the 70’s hippie laid-back alternative lifestyle with vegetarian, yoga, and hemp influences
the navy , coast guard, and river pilot culture with buzzed hair cuts, and ‘keep America secure’ influences
·      * the Scandinavian, immigrant, socialist, fishing and sauna influences
·      * men of a certain age (ours) with white hair (usually long) with full beards - honestly, one wonders is there was a contest.
·      * old cars which have been kept in pristine condition because of the weather.

It has been fun to be a part of these cultures while here and today we continued our tour - with Paul as the tour guide (don’t pay him!).

We saw the Flavel House, the home of the first robber baron in Town, the town movie museum

 - as well as had more wonderful food at Scorcher’s bakery and lunch.

It’s been a blast but now we are moving on - and tomorrow we are heading to Spokane, from there to Creston to see some family history and then on to Winfield in the Okanagan.

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