Sunday, July 3, 2011

Days 34 & 35 They say there’s sun in the east

Monday June 27  -  a quiet day catching up with the blogs and checking out the museum. But the most fun was researching family at the BC Archives. The building is attached to the museum and we were able to  access the death notices of both my grandparents - James Alexander Kelly and John Joseph Atherton.

Other than cause of death and age at death, we found out addresses, places of birth/year of entry and much more. We have copies of these certificates to share with other family members. Chris, wonderful profession you have!

Tuesday, June 28 - Rainy and cool in the morning but we understand the sun is due to come out later.  We  got an early start out of the Goldstream park and headed for the ferry at Sidney.  We passed the 10,000 K mark on the way there - appropriate - no?

The highway got steadily brighter once we arrived on the mainland. As we travelled up Highway 3 we finally saw a bear in the wild (we’re not counting the bears in Linda and Mel’s back yard.) Pulled over to catch a pic but he wasn’t cooperating with a full frontage.

The terrain became beautiful again and there were many opportunities to view the sights we missed on the way in when it was pouring rain. This is called the Sunday Summit pass - one of several we travelled up and over today.

We pulled into Osoyoos  in sun with a temperature of 29 C !  It is vineyard country and we were interested to see the vineyards which are planted just under the mountains.

We bought wine from the First Nations winery - with enough time to set up before a shower hit us - not from the campground unfortunately (no hot water there!) but just as I was making dinner. 

Tomorrow we get to Cranbrook on the trek eastwards.

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