Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 45 - "Cruising down the river"

Rushing River is on Dogtooth lake so the little boat we finally rented was at Dogtooth resort. It ended up being a two hour tour but lots of fun to check out the little lake.

 and the cottages and campsites along the way.

We also put-putted into the park itself and saw the campsites on the water that had so intrigued us 27 years ago with the kids. I think this was the one we had then!

For lunch we headed to Sioux Narrows, another small park on the Lake of the Woods. We met a cyclist on his way between Toronto and Vancouver. He is an engineer from Scotland and decided to chuck it all and start this adventure. He was wanting info on the best way over the mountains in BC. but whatever way he chooses, it will still be hard slogging.

Finally we checked out the “rushing river” itself - and reminded ourselves of the fun we had here on our 13 anniversary, August 14, 1984, when last we were here!

The flies are biting again so I guess we’re in for more weather.

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