Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 37 - Back in the US (of A) (not as good a song)

Well the KOA here is limited to say the least. We arrived to find our site is out on a field in the middle of a terrific wind that apparently is normal for these parts. Barely could get the tent trailer up and making dinner was a treat (not). The men’s bathrooms are plugged and the showers not working - Paul is not happy - but they say they’ll be up and running better tomorrow - Happy Canada Day!

However the trip here was a treat - truth. We arrived in Alberta through the Crow’s nest pass without really realizing we were through the pass.

 so different than the BC passes we had come through the day before where the road disappeared around every bend. 

We also saw the Frank slide  - a terrible rock and mud slide that engulfed the town of Frank BC  in 1903 . I remember seeing this with my family in a trip across the country in 1961 - and it stayed with me - what a horrible way to die.

By lunch time we were in Waterton Lakes National Park 
- absolutely stunning

Again - deer joined us for lunch.

After lunch drove into Glacier National - to the rotten KOA. We decided after dinner to pick up our spirits we would get to a campfire ranger program in one  of the MANY gorgeous campgrounds here. Heard a guy by the name of Jack Gladstone a member of the Blackfeet tribe - the local Plains Indian tribe here. Jack’s mom was German but his Dad was Blackfeet ( not Blackfoot which apparently is the Canadian version) and Jack has learned the oral traditions of his people along with an amazing voice and skill as a song-writer. Although we were freezing - and him especially, we were spellbound by his stories and songs.

Back in the tent-trailer we were as cold as we have been on this trip and again wondered what has happened to global warming - but we survived to see it become a bit warmer on Canada Day. 

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