Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 48 - Superior's North Shore - it's out there somewhere!

The sun was out - it really was . We started in great spirits and were looking forward to seeing one of our most favorite drives - the north shore of Lake Superior. This is what we thought we'd see  -

And for the first couple of hours, that's exactly what happened.

We stopped into Rainbow Falls PP and loved the lakeside campsites. The Lake Superior Hiking Trail runs right along the shore here

and the Falls themselves are beautiful.

But gradually, the fog started to creep back in - and not on little cats' feet ( or whatever that literary reference is).

We spent most of the trip in the peasoup fog - crap!

However once we arrived in Lake Superior PP, we had one last crazy dream that it was all going to be OK. Yes, the sites were close to the highway, but they were also close to the lake- and it was Lake Superior park after all - one we had wanted to camp in for a long time.

and then

We closed up the tent, and went to bed in the fog - and heard the transports ALL night long.

I think we're done, folks!

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