Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 40 - Continental Divide

On at least 5 occasions on this trip we have come across the mythical and I guess actual point where the continent rears up and water to the east of the divide runs to the Atlantic and water to the west runs to the Pacific. Finally we stopped to take a photo.

Here in Glacier, there is also a mountain called Triple Divide where it is said that if you pour a cup of water on the peak, the water will run in three directions including north to Hudson’s Bay.

We travelled to two other sections of the park today on our own this time - to East Glacier - the first town in Glacier National Park , and the Two Medicines - a picnic, camping and trail area made beautiful ( as all campgrounds are here) with huge mountains rising immediately from the plains or from water - no foothills here.

We also paid homage to John Stevens, - the hero of many of Steve the red jammer guide’s stories - and the discoverer of the Marais Pass - which allowed the Great Northern railroad to go through the Rockies (south of Glacier) on route to the Pacific ocean especially to Portland and Seattle.

The great Lodges of the Glacier continued to inspire and amaze us - East G;acier was built in 1911, Many Glaciers lodge built two years later and Prince of Wales lodge in Waterton built in 1926.These structures are all in mint condition, with tree trunks rising the ceiling of 4 or 5 stories much like the Inn at Yellowstone.

In each one there is a grand piano - just waiting for guests to tickle the ivories. Bill are you reading this?

Returning to the rotten KOA, we found the wind had picked up incredibly and the trailer seemed at times about to tip over - we will be OK leaving this beautiful but fraught part of the country. Word to the wise - be aware of wind, cold, snow and wild animals if you travel here but also be prepared for some of the most awesome scenery in the world.

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