Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 36 - Osoyoos BC to Kikkomun Creek Provincial Park, still BC - BIIIG province.

What a great day - the first day where it has been sunny and hot the whole day! Again the views from the mountain passes were fantastic. This one was leaving Osoyoos.

 We saw deer by the side of the road and had a great northern experience with a VISA card machine in a small gas station in WBF, BC. The cashier was a treat and I think if the guy servicing the machines had been there, she would have shot him - truly!

We had coffee in Greenwood - the “smallest in Canada and ate local early cherries from the Okanagan with their really good coffee - a treat. see Greenwood

Arrived in Kikkomun Provincial Park

in time for a pre-dinner drink and a drive around the campground (not in that order my OSAID friends). Out of a thicket walked a doe with a fawn it was Bambi all over. She stood to the side and watched us take her picture, not moving until we realized there was another fawn on the other side of the road she wanted to get across. We let her have her space after she called to him (her?)and the baby quickly caught up. It was really lovely.

The electric sites in this park were “not as pretty as the unserviced sites” but we weren’t complaining -

and we were right close to the brand new toilets - amazing what you find to be grateful for.

We were able to get CBC on the radio and heard that there had been a terrible mudslide  just west of Chilliwack earlier- only a day or so after we went through that exact spot - whew!

Back to the US tomorrow and Glacier National Park. We’ll be staying the KOA at St. Mary’s and are hoping for an experience like we had at Badlands since we are staying 4 nights.

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