Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 44 - Kenora - and Lake of the Woods

We drove into Kenora today to catch up on laundry and groceries and were pleasantly surprised. I’m sure we’ve been here before in summer (I know I was here in 1963 visiting a friend from school) but I guess it never impressed us much.

It seems to have grown nicely and as today was absolutely gorgeous weather, the lake sparkled and the town looked grand.

Back to Rushing River, and the rain caught us with us again - our nemesis. Just as we were about to take a spin on the river in a rented boat, black clouds and thunder started up. We ended up in the trailer reading as storm after storm rolled by. It cleared enough for a swim before dinner  and actually warmed up enough for another fire before bed.

We'll do the lake in the morning.

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