Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 49 - 7 weeks and 15000 Kilometres later

When we awoke in Lake Superior PP, it was beautiful but we have been fooled too often. We were only 568 k away from home and with a good wind from the back, and a ride on the Chicheemaun, we could be home tonight. Too nice a thought to let go.

So final thoughts as we travelled?

We loved this trip, barring the weather travails (we figured out that more than half our days were either spent in the cold, the rain, the strong winds or fog).

It brought us closer together as a couple and while ostensibly this was a 40th anniversary trek, it really was a chance to see if we still liked the whole camping adventure - and each other - and we do.

The best times - of course the amazing sights we saw - Badlands, Yellowstone, Oregon, Waterton Lakes and Glacier National Park. But perhaps more surprisingly was the joy of  re-connecting with family and beginning the search for past generations and their stories. We had countless talks about who had done what, where and how we can find out more now we are home.

I hope this journal may provide insights for our grandchildren and great-grand children should they ever decide to ask questions about us ("why did Grandma and Grandpa S. go away for so long that year?").

Regrets? We didn't get to see Olympic National Park in Washington state - so that will still be on our bucket list.

There were good points in going early in the season - we saw baby animals, and wonderful wildflowers - and the crowds were few.

But the weather was a challenge ( as I've said about a thousand times) and we'd probably go further south next time if we go in late May and June.

This is what was waiting for us at home

We hope you've enjoyed this blog - it's been great for us to record the journey, and as you can see, it's always good to go home, too.

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  1. I loved your blog. Made me want to try something like that trip...just as soon as I retire. I hope that you have even more photos. See you soon.