Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 39 - Red Jammer to Waterton Lakes

What an amazing day! We booked a trip to Waterton Lakes National Park - the other half of this International Peace Park and World Heritage Site - on a “red jammer” the red busses first given to the park in 1930’s and restored by Ford recently to match the terrain.

Steve - a retired teacher - was our guide and he was full of stories about the mountain men, railroaders who opened up this area after the natives were driven from this their ancestral and sacred lands.
Chief Mountain

is quite sacred to them and vision quests are conducted on top of the  mountain still today.

The Blackfeet nation is quite well off  and their people are crack cattle ranchers . As well, they have two or three of the best forest-fire fighting teams on the continent.

We lunched at Waterton Lakes in front of the Prince of Wales hotel  and again took a million pics of the glories of the rockies and the “backbone of the continent”.

And to top it off we saw a grizzley bear about 100 metres away as we were leaving one of the lodges -  Many Glaciers. Sohey want tome foolish folks were actually standing outside their cars to take pics. Apparently these guys can run 30 miles an hour when they want to - luckily this one didn't!

A little scary to know these guys are so close to civilization but the rangers work very hard to keep both species - human and animal -  safe.

The sun made us sleepy and a little burned but it was wonderful to feel like summer again.

Fireworks tonight around the KOA - prepping for tomorrow night perhaps?

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